Barbet Workshop in France

31 mei, 2018

Barbet Workshop in France

I was invited to give a Barbet Workshop in France!  What a great expierence this was.  I was invited by 3 breeders of the French Waterdog.

Ik was uitgenodigd door 3 fokkers van dit ras om in Frankrijk een vachtonderhouds cursus te geven, dit was mega leuk!

Thank you Wendake (Mireille and Marc)

Thank you Le Soleil du Ventoux (Brigitte)

Thank you La Pierre Attelée (Anne-Sophie)

barbet workshop

For each participant I developped a manuel.  This manual is a guideline to groom your Barbet, I added the breedng standard and a lot of grooming schedules.


Voor elke deelnemer had ik een handleiding “Barbet Workshop ” samengesteld.  Deze is ontwikkelt om thuis zelf je Barbet te trimmen, bijgevoegd de rassenstandaard van het FCI met bijhorende trimschema’s.




12 Mai 2018 une réunion des Barbets

12 Mai 2018 D-Day of a meeting of Barbets 😉


Everything ready…..1,2,3 Start……


How to clean the ears?


Tried to help everyone with their specifique questions, from how to cut the nails, clean the ears,…..

So tired folowing a workshop…..

We ended the grooming session with a nice Picknick

After this nice Picknick, a great walk in France

This great day also had a FINAL … a great diner!

Fantastic hospitality!  Fantastic People!


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