Groomania is an International Dog Grooming Event, held annually in Kortrijk, Belgium. In addition to the grooming competition, which comprises all levels from beginners to champions, there is an extensive educational grooming conference which features exceptional seminars and demonstrations by some of the World’s top groomers. The educational aspect is focussed on real life grooming problems and is essential for all groomers and students who aspire to elevate their professional competence. Due to Covid19 it’s cancelled.

They created instead an Online Dog Grooming Competition: Groomania 2020

When I saw the oppurtunity to enter this online competition I entered immediatly…..

dog grooming


Entry #stayhome grooming contest

Then I received the tickets….I’ve entered in following categories:
I can send my entry from 1 september till 26 september. 

The problem….which dog for which categorie?

It wasn’t planned…..I just wanted to enter with dog’s from my grooming salon.  Because I groom small dogs, big dogs, pure breeds , mixed breeds…. I have even handstripped dogs that will come to FurFection between 1 – 26 september.  All dogs that come to Furfection aren’t groomed in show model…. just doiing my best all the time to make my Job count!!!  Grooming according the breeding standard…. sometimes in a shorter model… what is handy and nice to live at home…. but always enjoying my Job…and this time something extra….A real competition.

My entry’s:

1. Poodles “Open Class

September was easy….only 1 poodle.  I choose Bo because I may groom him as a poodle…. when you enter the class you have to groom in 1 of following haircut’s : Modern toilet, continental , puppylion, English toilet en scandinavian model.

I gave him a Modern Toilet….meet Bo

Entry of Bo

  • doggrooming

2. Pure Breeds “Open Class”

Pure Breeds….I had several… I could enter with every pure breed that is groomed according the breeding Standard… this month… Poodle Bo, Lagotto Matt, Bouvier Roxy, Australian Sheperd Winner,… I picked out Matt the Lagotto Romagnolo

Entry of Matt the Lagotto Romagnolo

3. Asian style

Also known as, “Asian Freestyle” or “Japanese Grooming,” Asian Fusion is creativity. This grooming trend throws the rulebook out the window, and the results are breath-taking. Please check it out because it’s Fun!!! ASIAN STYLE

Not easy to get the approvement from the owners to get a special haircut…so my entry is very carefull when you check out the other entry’s.

My entry Chico ❤🐾 Entry Chico

4. Cockers & spaniels “Open Class”

A very clear category… between 1 september and 26 september I had 2 possible Spaniëls that come to FurFection for there grooming session. My preference went out doe Sophie, but when she came to the salon she was to pregnant. So I entered with Toby the English Cocker Spaniël.

Entry of English Cocker Spaniël Toby

5. Doodles, mixed and Salon

This category is also very clear… every dog that goes to the grooming salon can be used …I wanted to enter with a Labradoodle but this one was moulted….and from some I didn’t had the nessecairy pictures (14 pictures in total)….

I used a Bouvier de Flandres “Roxy”

Entry with Roxy

6. Hand stripping “Open Class”

Every breed with a rough coat that needs to be handstripped can be entered …. In the competition period I had 3 possible entry’s…. West Highland White Terriër Joy, West Highland White Terriër Thari (1 year, 3th time) and Scottish Terriër Flor (4 months, 1st time)….

My entry with West Highland White Terriër Joy

Thank you for reading this article … I had so much fun…and I learned from all the competitors, Nice work from my colleague’s all over the world!!

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