Barbet “Imac”

Barbet “Imac”

Barbet “Imac”

Imac is een Franse Waterhond, wonend in Frankrijk, daarom een Engels artikel….

Barbet Imac is a sweet dog and lives in France, close to Nantes.  She is bred by Brigitte Raoux.

  • General appearance: Medium proportions, medium size, characterized by a thick, woolly coat which guarantees efficient protection against cold and damp. The coat forms a beard (French barbe) on the chin, which gave the breed its name (Barbet).
  • Behaviour: Even disposition, very attached to his master, very sociable, loving water even when it is very cold.

Link to breeder: http://du-soleil-du-ventoux

Link to FCI:

Imac du Soleil du Ventoux

Mother: CH. Fanny Forigoler de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre

Father: CH. Poppenspaler’s Faro

The first visit to Belgium 30/11/2016


The second visit to Belgium 08/01/2018

She has had a litter of 11 puppy’s.  The litter is 6 month’s ago, Imac has to come in coat.

Before, you see the neck is thinner, this is the lenght we used to put Imac in balance.


Thank you for the great visit  and the best cookies ever!


  • 10 August 2018

Imac visit FurFection, but due to circumstances we were not able to groom her.  She went to the WDS in a special coat….






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