Barbet “Naoned De La Pierre Attelee”

Barbet “Naoned De La Pierre Attelee”

Barbet “Naoned De La Pierre Attelee”

Barbet Nao een Franse Waterhond, wonend in Frankrijk, daarom een Engels artikel….

Naoned is a daughter of Imac and Jacko Da Capo.

She lives in France and  visit Furfection together with Imac and Arkann.

Elevage de la Pierre Attelée,du-soleil-du-ventoux,actu,22696_608117.html

Nao is born 06-07-2017

  • January 2018

Visit for socialisation … the doggrooming

She is washed, dried, cutting her nails, combed, trimming her feet.

Hello, I went into bad and after the bad, they dried me? Now I ‘m really fluffy 😉
Combed, cutting nails, handscissored the feet
Yes I ‘m ready


Thank you for the great visit  and the best cookies ever!


Augustus 2018

Not Perfectly Groomed like I wanted, Nao had a lot of tangled hair.  Arround the age of 1 year the new fur and puppy fur is difficult to handle.  She also had here first heat, after a fake pregnancy the dogs loses their fur/coat.

barbet Nao

Day after grooming on the World Dog Show

Naoned De La Pierre Attelee


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